The Plant Challenge

The best thing to do for your immune system and to protect yourself from COVID is to eat more plants. ⁣

Eating more plants also helps with:⁣

  • Eczema⁣
  • Headaches⁣
  • Asthma ⁣
  • Belly issues⁣
  • ADHD⁣
  • Anxiety⁣
  • And the list goes on

Background Info (summary from the book “Fiber Fuel”)⁣:

“Though food technology continues to progress and we have more food availability, the diversity in our diet is plummeting. “

As the diversity of plants in our diets has decreased, chronic disease has increased⁣.

  • 400,000 varieties of plants on earth⁣
  • 300,000 varieties are edible plants⁣
  • 200 species are eaten around the world⁣
  • 3 crops make 60% of the American diet⁣
  • The 3 crops – corn, soybean, wheat⁣

Not good my friends. ⁣We have to be better.

Your challenge is to change this. Expand your variety of plants. Try to get as many plant points in your day as you can. Calculate your points each day and see how you do. 

⁣Plant Points:⁣

  • 1 point for each unique plant in your dish. ⁣
  • 1 point for each fruit, veggie, dried fruit, quinoa, rice, grits, barley, millet, nuts, seeds, beans, etc.
  • Nut milk is one point. ⁣
  • Fresh herbs count. Dried herbs do not. (Though they are amazing). ⁣

Things that DO NOT count toward your points:⁣

  • Wheat in a cracker ⁣
  • Oats in a store-bought granola bar⁣
  • Strawberries in jelly or in Poptarts⁣
  • Fruit gummies⁣
  • Store-bought juice⁣
  • Maple syrup or honey⁣

Scale for points per day:

  • 1-21 – Rock Rookie
  • 21-24 – Rock Artist ⁣
  • 24-28 – Rock Star⁣
  • 28-32 – Rock Legend⁣
  • > 32 – Rock God

Some examples for plant points with your meals:

1. Breakfast- Smoothie: 6 Plant Points

Oats, water, strawberries, cherries, mangoes, hemp hearts, Truvani protein powder, honey, dates, spirulina

2. Lunch- Salad & Homemade Mexican Burger: 12 Plant Points

Bib lettuce, red lettuce, red pepper, radish, olives, cucumbers, scallions, sheep feta, ground turkey. Corn, beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic

Make it a family challenge each day. Reset your gut and get prepared for quarantine rollout. For more deets on how plants heal and power up your gut, check out the book “Fiber Fueled@theguthealthmd

The Plant Challenge as per Fiber Fueled by @theguthealthmd


Fiber Fueled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Program for Losing Weight, Restoring Your Health, and Optimizing Your Microbiome
By Bulsiewicz MD, Will

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In Good Health, Dr. Ana-Maria

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