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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to those of you who have been following my journey since day one. Thank you to those of you who are new to our practice or simply following along.  Thank you for trusting me to be your wellness coach.  

The practice is taking off and we are busy taking care of our clients, establishing curriculums for all ages, and getting teens and children back to a state of wellness.   We have had a lot of interest in our growing wellness store and I wanted to outline some of the supplements that I support and am encouraging my patients to take! These are the products that I have researched, believe in, and take myself. The best part about these products is that they can all be purchased in our clinic!

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Juice Plus is a whole food based nutrition support product that helps fill the gaps in our nutrition. The Capsules and Optional Gummies, are fruits and vegetables, picked from the vine, freeze dried and put into capsules or gummies.  They provide nutrition from 48 different whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. As busy parents it is hard to supply the variety of nutrients that Juice Plus provides in just our child’s diet alone. When we fill the nutritional gaps with Juice Plus we have seen children miss LESS days of school, have LESS doctors appointments, consume LESS prescription meds. I recommend this product to all of my patients and have had only positive results.  If you are slightly nerdy like me, here is some research for you to read.  Order Here

We love our omegas

We love our omegas


Nordic Naturals is on of my favorite brands because of where they source the fish and it is 3rd party tested (meaning another unrelated company verifies that the claims on the bottle match the substances inside the bottle).  The supplements are tested for quality and freshness.   Furthermore, the company continually sponsors clinical trials on their various products to demonstrate efficacy (that they work).  Just because it sounds great on the label, does not mean the product does what it claims to do.   A word of caution on cheaper alternatives, if the bottle/pills smell like fish, if you have fishy burps, the supplement is oxidized and ineffective.

Essential Fatty Acids are essential to normal brain and organ development.  Here are some of the medical conditions which can benefit from Omega Supplementation:

  1. Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety (research)
  2. Promote healthy brain growth, aid in increasing focus (especially in kids with ADD and ADHD)  (research)
  3. Decrease inflammation in the body (research)
  4. Decrease the development of allergic disease (research)
  5. Play important roles in the treatment of IBS and inflammatory bowel disease (research)

Too far away from us?  You can still benefit from our favorite supplements, by Ordering Here.



A few words on DHA:  During the last trimester of gestation and for the first 18 months after birth, Arachidonic Acid (AA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are deposited within the cerebral cortex at a rapid rate.  This stage of human development is known as the brain growth spurt.  Considering the rapid accumulation of DHA into the brain during the last trimester of pregnancy and into the first year of life, it is important to consider whether optimal DHA intake is occurring during this period. Numerous expert and government authorities worldwide agree that dietary DHA requirements are increased during pregnancy and lactation (research)

A large body of evidence in animal and human trial shows that DHA deficiency in mothers and infants correlates with decreased IQ, increased hyperactivity, and learning disabilities in the children.  Studies on supplementation with DHA are generally plagued by many confounding variables and issues with study design. Overall, there is enough evidence to support my recommendation for DHA in pregnancy and infancy.  (research)

Don’t want to make the drive?  You can still benefit from our favorite supplements, by Ordering Here.

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate


Pure Encapsulations is still a favorite, even though they got bought out by Nestle.  This company’s reputation continues despite the merger, for clean ingredients, hypoallergenic formulas, and clinical trials conducted on their supplements.  The deal just went through with Nestle and the formulas have not been compromised at the time of this publication.

I love that this magnesium comes in a delicious liquid for my kiddos who don’t like to swallow pills but also in pills for older kids, teens and parents.

Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic functions in the body and thus it helps to calm the nervous system and show great benefits for those suffering from:

Kids interfere with your shopping?  You can still benefit from our favorite supplements, by Ordering Here.

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Zinc is known to a play a role in neuropsychiatric disorders and is a micronutrient recognized as a building block for neurotransmitters, hormones, nutrients, and immune function.  (research)

It also contributes to the structure and function of the brain, forming neural pathways affecting communication between brain neurons.   Zinc deficiency can thus have a significant impact on attention, motor activity, cognition, and behavior.  (research) (more research)

Zinc is known to improve immune system function, to decrease risk of diarrheal diseases and respiratory diseases  (research)

Zinc supplementation is beneficial in those with eczema and low Zinc RBC levels. (research)

Zinc is also a fabulous supplement  for picky eaters out there (Moms, you’re welcome!) Zinc is crucial for the growth of our taste buds and olfactory cells (sense of smell), therefore having adequate zinc can actually improve your child’s sense of smell and taste.  (research)

Don’t want to spend money on gas?  You can still benefit from our favorite supplements, by Ordering Here.

Bone Broth

Bone Broth


Collagen found in bone broth can help heal the lining of your gut and decrease intestinal inflammation.  Healing the gut is the first step in healing allergies, asthma, eczema, anxiety, ADHD, acne, and other chronic diseases.  Plus it tastes great on its own or in replacement of water when cooking rice of broth in soups!

I recommend Bone Broth for:

  • Aging Beautifully – Collagen in bone broth improves skin elasticity (research) (more research)
  • As a remedy for upper respiratory tract infections (research)
  • Joint pain, reversing cardiovascular risk factors, eye health, bone health, (great article)

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I love Klaire Labs Probiotics for their quality probiotics, made with hypoallergenic ingredients, and well researched probiotic strains.

The human Microbiome is made up of 3.3 trillion bacteria just in our gut.  That’s about 3-4lbs of microorganisms.  Basically for every 1 human cell we are 10 bacteria cells.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) has delineated that there is a complex interaction between human cells and bacteria cells.  The quality of this interaction is the key to our wellness and when it flaters it’s one of the main causes for chronic disease.

I recommend probiotics:

  • to prevent colds, fevers, diarrhea, antibiotic use, coughs, and missed school days.  (AAP research)
  • in pregnant mamas to prevent development of asthma, eczema and allergies in the babies )

Too far away from us?  You can still benefit from our favorite supplements, by Ordering Here.

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Finally, a company who has found an answer to pesky mosquitoes.  They are about locally sourced ingredients, NO DEET, essential oils, local bees wax, environmentally conscious, and deeply involved in their community.  I did an in-depth interview with the Company’s owner Philip Freeman HERE.

Who do I recommend these products to?  EVERYONE.

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I got tired of reading sunscreen labels.  I got tired of turning white in the sun and when I was sweating.  Thankfully Beautycounter came along and solved all these issues.

What ages can use this sunscreen?  ALL AGES.

Too far away from us?  You can still benefit from our favorite supplements, by Ordering Here

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These high quality oils which are responsibly sourced, play a key part in our wellness.  We will be having a seminar on Essential Oils and building your immune system for Back to School at the end of summer.  Send us a message HERE and we will put you on our email list so you can be notified of place and time.

  • Lavender and Sleep – research
  • Lavender and Postpartum Depression – research
  • Tea Tree Oil and Warts, based on research with Herpes Simplex Virus – research
  • Tea Tree Oil and mild to moderate dandruff, nail fungus, or warts – research

Too far away from us?  You can get your Oils Here

In great health Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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