Alexandra (mom), Vivienne 3 months old

"When Vivienne was 3 months old, we were told by her dermatologist that her severe eczema could be a lifelong, mysterious, and chronic condition.  6 months later, after being in the course for several months her skin became soft, porcelain, mostly itch and flare free...

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Kristin Stamm

Just an encouragement for other families, 5 months ago I was a wreck trying to figure things out for this sweet girl after over two years of trying so many things and working with "specialists" with no progress.

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Rebecca (Becca) Horton's Son, Everett 

Almost 6 months difference and I could cry happy tears! While Everett wasn't extremely flared at the start of the program, I can tell a huge difference!

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Few More Words....

Chauntelle Crockett

Hey all! So, a little half way before and after so far. So we’ve been in the program with

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Laura Hendrickson

Hello everyone! I thought I would share my success story here. About 6 years ago my…

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Madison Olivia

This program helped us when her doctors couldn’t. She was….

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Chrissie Vieira

Hello eczema family. I’ve been reflecting a lot this season. It was this time last year that…

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Dr. Temple is always learning and exploring new + CLEAN ways of treating the whole child. She is tech […]


Dr. Temple is the only Pediatrician who has actually listened to my concerns as a mother. She took the […]


Dr. Temple is by far my favorite doctor-ever. She is responsive when I’ve called & panicked and helped me […]

Kelsey Paskwietz

I feel like I only ever post when Sawyer (2 years old) is having a flare or other issues, […]

Erica Katsanos

My son, now almost 3, started the program when he was a little over a year old. He’s been […]

Tiffany Williams, USA

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I seriously cannot say it enough! Dr T and Lindsayc have changed our […]

Sonya, USA

“I wanted to let everyone know how helpful and really a lifesaver this program has been for me and […]

Meghan Broeman

Inspiration to those just starting the course… After a nine month battle with constant eczema on my daughter’s arms […]

Bethany Mati

We’re doing well! Dominic’s Eczema has made a complete 180! We feel like we’re in a good spot. I’ve […]


So true! I’m finishing up week 5 and Jake’s skin looks amazing! Glad we chatted and I joined I’m […]

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Eat Less Sugar Challenge

Sugar Sugar everywhere. There is a strong correlation between sugar and eczema and other chronic diseases. Our kids and families are bombarded with sugar every day at every meal and the problem is only getting worse. Join us for this month’s challenge to reduce your child’s sugar intake and help you raise healthy children.


Homemade Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

Making Homemade Ranch Dressing and getting kids cooking in the kitchen A study conducted in Alberta Canada in 2012 and published…


Crispy Baked Tofu with Italian Herbs

This is a flavorful family favorite that tastes just like pizza! When you have kids, you know that’s a win. This…


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