Yoga | Birth | Babies Podcast – Newborn and Childhood Vaccinations with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 1 hr 3 min

The Gentle Parenting Show – Naturally healing eczema for life

Play 37 min

Just Ingredients Podcast – How to best help your child with winter illness

Play 58 min

Wellness Mama Podcast with Katie Wells, Dr. Ana-Maria Temple on Fever, Cough, and Snot, Oh My

Play 54 min

Body by Bree – Eczema and Kids

Play 48 min

The Health Babes Podcast – the best support for you children’s immune system

Play 38 min

Be well by kelly – Start a Family Food Revolution with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 44 min

Beyond Confidence Podcast – elevating quality of life

Play 46 min


Play 33 min

The Herban Pharmacy – From eczema to ADHD and everything in between

Play 1 hour 6 min

Just Ingredients podcast – Pediatrician’s tips and practical advice

Play 1 hour 6 min

Wellness Mama Podcast with Katie Wells, Getting Rid of Eczema for Good With Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 51 min

Radical vitality podcast – Raising Healthy kids in an unhealthy world

Play 46 min

Baby Yu – Eat like a baby

Play 2 hour 25 min

Date Night with Jake and Page hosted by Jake and Page Fehling: Drs. Ana-Maria & John Temple

Play 1 hour 45 min

Maison Our – Healthy Eating Habits for kids


The Eczema Free Journey Podcast hosted by Jocelyn Diaz: How to Prevent Eczema in Our Children with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 42 min

Nateurious Podcast hosted by Jena Covello: Dr. Ana-Maria Temple on Holistic Health for Kids and Boosting Immunity through Proper Nutrition

Play 53 min

Your Longevity Blueprint Dr. Stephanie Grey Podcast: How to Build Children’s Health with Food with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 47 min

The “Doctor Mom” Podcast: Back to School During Covid-19 with Dr. Ana Maria Temple

Play 41 min

Health is Wealth with Dr. Mike ND: Enjoying Summer: Holistic Pediatrician Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 27 min

Maison Pur, A Natural Living Podcast: Holistic Wellness Tips for Kids with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 55 min

Rachel Varga Podcast: Immunity and Food with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Play 52 min

Eczema Conquerors – Secrets to treating kids eczema

Play 49 min

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