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The Eczema Podcast: Can COVID-19 affect you more if you have Eczema? with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

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Well Nourished – How to Raise Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World

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My Latest Posts

The Eczema and Sugar Connection

In this blog post, I review how sugar is related to eczema and why we all need to pay closer attention.


What can cause Eczema?

If you Google “what causes eczema?” the typical answers describe an inflammatory skin condition, genetic in origin, primarily related to an abnormality in the skin. The answers seem to suggest that since it is genetic we are unable to change the root cause of the problem. Most people think of eczema as an isolated skin condition since it has an obvious presence on the skin. I want to squash these notions right here and now.


Should I use Vitamin D for Eczema Treatment?

Can Vitamin D be used for the eczema treatment? Let’s review the medical literature on how vitamin D can be used for Eczema treatment and how to choose the right Vitamin D.


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