5G- Fifth Generation Wireless

The 5G Bill has passed. It’s coming to an area near you. People are upset and worried. I hear you and understand. So let’s talk about it and make some changes.  ⁣

What is 5G?⁣

Fifth-generation wireless (5G) is the latest cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. 5G will increase the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems. ⁣

Unlike 4G, which requires large, high-power cell towers to radiate signals over longer distances, 5G wireless signals will be transmitted via large numbers of small cell stations located in places like light poles or building roofs. ⁣

5G now means that 800,000 to 1 Million additional small cell sites will be in the US. These small cell sites will be located on light poles near every 2-10 homes. The small cell sites will be located at low elevations(<30-40 feet) meaning they are close to homes. As well as over 40,000 low earth orbiting satellites will provide world- wide coverage(radiation) to even the middle of oceans and jungles.

What is my stance on 5G?⁣

I find it to be very scary and cause a lot of unknowns. However, most people don’t do much about what we already know. 5G is rolling out world wide no matter what. We are not going to be able to  stop it so let us think about what we can control. I am not saying this to be a Debbie Downer, just keeping it real. So it is up to us to protect ourselves and do what we can!


How this will aggravate an already unhealthy EMF environment?

5G uses existing 3G and 4G Band Frequencies and will bring the source of these frequencies down into neighborhoods rather than to high towers. This means it will be closer to us in our homes. 5G also adds additional frequencies into the Super 20 GHz range(known as the millimeter band waves). This too will be sourced close to our homes.

5G uses a new technology called Beam Forming. This technology can be both good and bad. It is good because it is only formed ON DEMANDs so it is not continually sweeping. It is bad because it has high intensity radiation in the beam.

3D’s of Personal Protection from the EMF with 5G:

  1. Decrease Duration of exposures
  2. Increase Distance- 1 vs 10 mm
  • Do not wear your phone on you, no matter the case you buy for it. We have data to show EMF decreases sperm count and may increase risk of breast cancer.
  • Plug your cord headphones in rather than using Bluetooth. Also use headphones rather than putting your phone up to your ear or another option is putting your phone on speaker mode.
  • Do not put your laptop on your body, no matter the fancy case.
  1. Decrease Power Density (intensity)
  • Turn on cell phones’ extra antennas; airplane mode is not enough
  • Delete unnecessary apps. Also turn off your apps location and notifications. Your apps that are working in the background increase EMF radiation from your phone.
  • Do not use your phone while you are driving(obviously not safe anyways). While driving, your phone has to emit extra EMF to find the nearest cell tower.

Why is turning your phone on airplane mode not enough to decrease the power density?

Cell phones have 4 antennas- which are cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, location. When you put your phone in airplane mode, only the cellular signal turns off. This gives us a false sense of security. So the best practice to turn EMF off completely from your phone is to turn your phone off and unplug it. This means you might want to get an old fashioned alarm clock.

Smart homes are wonderful, but they will too increase your EMF exposure such as:

  • Wifi connected appliances (stoves, refrigerators)
  • Nest doorbell
  • Nest or WiFi ready thermostats
  • WiFi dependent security systems and cameras
  • Smart TV’s
  • Alexa system
  • New baby monitors
  • Children-with their own Ipads
  • Infrared Saunas
  • Children with phones(children under 12 shouldn’t have phones)

It is easy to worry about 5G and the effects that it will have on us and our families. But we have to be willing to make some changes and do what we can control! Even if that means it will inconvenience our lives, we have to make the change!

In Good Health, Dr. Ana-Maria

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