COVID-19 Vaccine and Eczema

If you haven’t had at least one debate with someone over the Covid-19 vaccine then you most likely have been living under a rock for the last year. The amount of misinformation circulating about the virus, the vaccine, or the nation’s response is mind-boggling. My mission with this blog is to provide reliable information to families to help their children thrive. With that said, I have gotten lots of questions from my eczema families on whether they should consider the Covid-19 vaccine and if the vaccine will affect their eczema. Here is what you need to know.

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5 Reasons Zinc Supplements Should Be Part of Your Fight Against Eczema

Zinc plays a vital role in every one of our cells, but particularly in our skin. 5% of the body’s zinc is contained in the skin where it functions to keep our skin cells from becoming inflamed. It also stops the skin cells from producing inflammatory proteins which worsen eczema. Zinc also helps to stop mast cells from erupting. Mast cells are like big pinatas floating around our bodies ready to erupt and cause severe inflammation.

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Getting Under Your Skin – Eczema and the Skin Microbiome

Medicine can be terribly humbling at times, particularly when treating children’s eczema. But I have found that often my most humbling patient experiences are also where I learn the most about managing this frustrating disease. I want to tell you Tyler’s story as it provides a wonderful picture of how both the skin and gut play a role in eczema.

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The Leaky Gut and Eczema Connection

In 2016 my family moved to New Zealand as my husband was attempting to “find himself” in the midst of an unsatisfying surgical career. Unfortunately, my New Zealand medical license was delayed and I found myself alone at home most days, in a foreign country, with no friends and nothing to do – utterly lost. To stave off boredom, I dragged my family to jump off bridges with me in Queenstown or paragliding off cliffs.

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