How to Incorporate Herbs Into Meals

Herbs have an abundance of health benefits. Here are some of the most notable ones from our favorite herbs, plus ways to incorporate more herbs into your meals!

Basil – helps the body adapt to stress; has cancer preventive properties

  • on pizza
  • in pasta
  • in Thai food
  • add to a salad with greens, berries, and cucumber
  • basil dressing (pictured in the photo, subscribe for recipe)
  • caprese salad
  • pesto


Cilantro – can lower blood sugar levels; helps rid the body of heavy metals

  • On tacos
  • n slaw or on salads
  • in marinades
  • in guacamole

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Oregano – has antiviral and antibacterial properties 

  • add to a chicken marinade
  • chop up and put in a salad dressing
  • on pizza
  • mix into homemade pizza dough or focaccia
  • sprinkle on sliced tomato and cucumber
  • add to meatballs

Parsley – a source of vitamins A, C, K, and folate; improves digestion and reduces bloating

  • add to homemade ranch dressing (subscribe for recipe)
  • make a chimichurri or pesto
  • add to a salad
  • make tabbouleh 
  • top boiled eggs or egg salad with it
  • add it to pasta
  • top salmon or shrimp
  • add to a baked potato
  • season oven fries with parsley and seasoning salt
  • add to a quinoa or bean salad 

Dill – possible natural remedy for depression; lowers cholesterol 

  • in a pasta salad
  • in tzatziki sauce
  • make homemade pickles
  • in hummus
  • with smoked salmon and lemon
  • in homemade ranch dressing (subscribe for recipe)

Thyme  – helps prevent and treat respiratory illness and can ease sore throats

  • cook with white beans 
  • in a roasted chicken (subscribe for recipe)
  • in chicken soup
  • to marinate a steak
  • in braised or slow-cooked beef preparations

Sage  – can reduce hot flashes; can improve insulin sensitivity 

  • on roasted winter squashes (butternut, delicata, acorn)
  • with roasted whole turkey/turkey breast
  • in a brown butter pasta
  • on scallops
  • add to a creamy sauce for pasta

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Rosemary – scent can improve mood and alertness; can help relieve indigestion

  • for fragrance: in a pot or slow cooker add water, a few sprigs of rosemary, whole
  • cranberries, slices of orange, and a cinnamon stick; let the water simmer and the scent is perfect for Fall
  • on roasted sweet potatoes
  • on pork tenderloin

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Bon Appetite,
Ana-Maria Temple, MD



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