Healthy Ranch Dressing – An Easy Way to get Kids Eating More Veggies and Cooking in the Kitchen

Let’s get Kids Cooking in the Kitchen!
A study conducted in Alberta Canada in 2012 and published in The Journal of Public Healthy Nutrition, showed that vegetable consumption was 10% higher for those children who helped cook in the kitchen compared to those who did not.  Simple ways to get kids to eat more veggies are to create and use dips and dressing.  In a phone survey conducted in 2008 by Hidden Valley Company,  67% of kids “preferred to eat their veggies in salad with dressing” and 63% preferred to “dip raw veggies in dip”.

Have the child who can read gather all the ingredients, have smaller kids measure them out into a jar.  A great deal on Organic Spices is at

Home Made Ranch Dressing

ranch dressing
ranch dressing
    • Mix all ingredients and store in jar ( it lasts for a couple of months and we eat ranch all the time)


    • When you are ready to make fresh ranch dressing:

      • No more store bought ranch dressing, no more reading the labels of all those bottles filled with gross ingredients.

Time and Money Saving TIP: I use 1/3 Cup Greek Yogurt for the dressing, then divide the remainder in baggies and freeze for later use. I do the same with sour cream if I have too much. Defrost and add to dry ingredients


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