COVID Protocol For You And Your Family

With positive COVID tests increasing and some schools starting back soon, we wanted to go over some frequently asked questions as well as the supplements we recommend to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Q: My friend tested positive for COVID and I was around them last week. What should I do?

You need to assume you have been exposed and you could have COVID. Assume you are an asymptomatic carrier.  You need to quarantine until your friend’s test comes back negative.  If you have to go out, wear a mask everywhere, and be very strict about the 6 feet of distance.

Q: My child has cold symptoms (cough and congestion) but no fever. Can I send them to school?

There are other viruses going around that are not covid. However, we need to be careful and stay at home when sick. Even if it is “just a cold”.  Schools are hypersensitive and you need to be prepared that they will send your child home.

Q: I had a sore throat, fever and chills yesterday but today I feel fine and my covid test will not be back for 5 more days.

You need to stay at home until your test comes back negative. If you have to go out, you need to wear a mask and stay 6 ft apart from other people.

Q: I was tested positive for COVID. What should I do?

Stay at home for at least 14 days.

Sleep is important as well as fueling your body with fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t have a sauna, warm bath with epsom salts 10-15 min every day until symptoms get better

Saline nose spray to keep the nasal mucosa nice and moist, and reduce inflammation.

Meditate or practice mindfulness. Your mantra – “This is a virus and my body has all the tools to fight it”. Your brain and body believe what you tell it. (There is a lot of fear out there, do not succumb to it)

Fever/body aches

What to do about FEVER

Holistic FEVER Remedies

Loss of taste –

this is a good time to introduce new veggies to your kids. (I mean let’s make the best out of this situation)

Difficulty Sleeping


Melatonin Dosages:

Melatonin is a powerful anti-oxidant made by the body.  However poor diet habits, too much screen time, and aging deplete the body of melatonin.  This should never be used instead of proper health and sleeping habits and needs to be discussed with your health care provider.

These are the doses I use in clinic with my patients

  • 0-18months old none
  • 18months – 4yrs old – always start with 0.5mg and gradually increase to 1.5mg
  • 4-18yrs old – 1.5mg and adjust up to 6mg.  Most teens do great with around 3mg.

Dr. Temple – Approved Melatonin Supplement

  • Nordic Naturals Gummies 1.5mg
  • Klaire Labs Capsules 3mg
  • OrthoMolecular Tablet 1mg

Purchase here



In one study, children age 2 and older with upper respiratory tract infections were given up to 2 teaspoons (10 milliliters) of honey at bedtime. The honey reduced nighttime coughing and improve sleep as well as the common cough suppressant ingredient, dextromethorphan.  Do not use honey in children under 1 years old.  


Minced garlic and raw honey in equal amounts.  Let garlic sit for 15min after chopping to increase potency.  Combine honey and garlic in a jar and let it sit for 24hrs.  Refrigerate.  Dose:  1 tsp every 3hrs.


The herb’s leaves pack a potent punch of cough-calming compounds that work to relax tracheal smooth muscles and reduce inflammation. Make a thyme tea by steeping two teaspoons of crushed thyme leaves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then strain.  Add ginger, lemon, and or honey.  Dose:  1 cup every 3hrs as needed.


Add 1 tsp of fresh or dried rosemary leaves in 8-10 oz of boiling water.  Steep for 3-5 min. Strain and sip.  Dose:  1 cup every 3hrs as needed.


Simmer a few slices of ginger in 2-3 cups of water.  Add lemon to taste and sweeten with raw honey if desired. Dose:  1 cup every 3hrs as needed.

Licorice Root

Prepared licorice tea by boiling a few sticks of licorice in 2-3 cups of water


Mix a spoon of licorice powder with a spoon of honey and have it.  It is a popular ayurvedic solution for kids.  Dose 1 tsp every 3hrs as needed.

Marshmallow Root

Found in herbal preparations containing dry ivy leaf extract, thyme and aniseed, it has been shown in a clinical study to reduce the duration of cough and common cold.

Q: What should I do to prevent viral illnesses?

The most important things to do to keep yourself healthy are:

  • Fuel your body with a healthy diet (full of fruits and vegetables at every meal, packaged foods should have less then 5 ingredients, and no food that you purchase through a drive thru)
  • Get plenty of sleep each night 7-9 hours
  • Exercise daily (it doesn’t have to be for 2 hours but it is important to move your body every day) A great goal -> get 10,000 steps every day
  • Reduce your stress 

Seek immediate medical attention for shortness of breath, chest pain, or difficulty breathing. ALWAYS review medication and supplements with your doctor. All medications and supplements have side effects. This is an educational post, not medical advice.

Stay well Dr. Ana-Maria

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