10 Ways To Stay Well at Conferences During a Pandemic

1 – Reduce your sugar intake (soda, sports drinks, sweet tea, cookies, granola bars, etc).  1 dose of sugar can impair your immune system for up to 5 hours.

2 – Make sure you eat at least one fruit and one veggie at every meal.

3 – Sleep 8 hrs a night.  A conference is not a vacation.  Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system.

4 – Decrease your alcohol intake to ideally none.  If you would like a drink to relax, no more then one drink per night.  Sorry kids, alcohol turns to sugar and it prevents the liver from functioning properly.  The liver is one of the major detoxification centers in the body.

5 – Meditate for 10 minutes every day.  Stress leads to increased levels of cortisol, elevated cortisol levels, and a depressed immune system.  Meditation decreases cortisol levels and calms your anxiety.

6 – Go out into the sunshine. Conferences are indoor events.  Everyday try to take a 20 min walk outside. The sun helps the body raise the levels of vitamin D and walking outside has been shown to decrease cortisol levels.

7 – Rinse your nose out with Xlear Nose spray 2-3 times daily.  Indoor air is very dry which dries up the inner lining of our nose, called the nasal mucous.  Viral particles attach to dry nasal mucous.  If you moisturize your nose regularly, the virus is less likely to attach and invade.

8 – Take supplements with you. A selection of supplements can boost your immune system and protect you from getting sick.  My top 3 supplements are Vitamin D3/K2, Zinc, Vitamin C.  Find Dosages HERE

9 – Of course, wash your hands, wear your mask, stay 6 feet apart, and resist the urge to shake hands with others.

10 – If you take photos, use your own phone and then air drop or text pics to others.  Phones are the grossest things, they carry more germ particles than toilet seats.

Stay well, Dr. Ana-Maria

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