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“Dr. Temple is very passionate about teaching and exploring new and CLEAN ways of treating the whole child. She is tech savvy and offers many online outlets to share her knowledge on raising whole and healthy children. Treatment plans are addressed from a wellness perspective. Her approach, which is in line with our family’s values, is refreshing and has given us hope. Our family is thriving. She has taken so much time and care in getting to know my kids and how our family works. She is clearly very in tune with each patient. We love her!!!

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About Integrative Health Carolinas

  • Are you tired of prescription medications thrown at problems?

  • Are you tired of specialist visits?

  • Are you tired of non personalized cookbook medicine?

If you expect more from medical care, if the wellness of your children and family is of utmost importance, then you have come to the right place.

A wise man once said:

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease ”

— Thomas Edison

The future is now, and I am your new kind of pediatrician.  My training is in traditional medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill and in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, OH.   Thus, I am able to provide an integrative approach to wellness and chronic health care concerns, an approach which I expect for my family.  I would love to partner with you to design your family’s wellness path.   The statistics are scary, but in our clinic you will find hope that your family will not follow the current trends.

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Aside from general pediatric care, I also specialize in chronic diseases such as Constipation, Asthma, Allergies, Reflux, Eczema, ADHD, Obesity, and other chronic conditions.  I take a functional approach by looking at the root cause of the issues, not just bandaiding the symptoms.  My goal is to strengthen gut health, the immune system, decrease medication use, and give you more time for real life activities, and less doctor visits.

Together, we will formulate individulaized plans guiding you through the current obstacles of everyday life and help your family thrive.

Answers to common questions.

While putting my new practice together, the website construction hit a few snags.  But fear not, I will cover a few of the most common questions here:

Will I take insurance: 

No.  I am an out of network provider.  You will receive codes at the end of your visit for you to submit to insurance companies.  Each insurance company is different and covers out of network providers differently.

What is the payment structure:

We have a membership model where you pay once a month.  Standard insurance companies generally do not pay for this service.  Some HSA companies will allow you to use your HSA funds to pay for the membership.  Insurance companies generally cover part of a bill associated with medical codes.  Please, always check with your insurance first.

What does membership include:

  • Well Child Care 0-22yrs

  • Sports Physicals

  • Well Child Care tests: labs, hearing, vision

  • Unlimited Sick Visits

  • Holistic approach to common and complex pediatric problems

  • Telemedicine

  • Email/Texting Directly with me

  • No wait times

  • Unhurried Appointment times suited to your needs

  • Quick turn around on school and camp forms

  • Various education classes in nutrition – solid food introduction, picky eating, school lunches, teen breakfast, and more

  • Parenting classes on sleep, prenatal care, middle school transition, tantrums, etc.

  • Monthly Fitness Classes – yoga, conditioning, etc

  • Community events – recipe sharing, parent or teen support groups

  • Ear Piercing

  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a board-certified, experienced, thoughtful pediatrician who is managing the health and wellness of your children with an integrative/hollistic approach.

What about Vaccines:

We are offering vaccines.  Due to insurance restrictions, vaccines cost will be paid at the time of the visit and you will submit the cost to insurance companies.  To the best of my knowledge this cost has been covered 100%.  Please, always check with your insurance first.  We do not up-charge the vaccine prices.  Nor do we add fees for administration.

What about unvaccinated or altered vaccine schedules:

That is a private discussion, one which we will address in a consultation.

“Dr. Temple is the only Pediatrician who has actually listened to my concerns as a mother. She took the time to address all my questions/concerns and to make sure I understood our plan. Her eduating thrugh numerous social media platfroms is a great resource for many parents. My children love her! She is nurturing and so approachable. She shares an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and is educated in standard and functional medicine when it comes to heatlh and illness prevention . She is more than a pediatrician, she is my children’s wellness advocate.

— Lina Newman, Waxhaw NC

What is the Membership Cost:

There is a no registration fee. Initial consult is $287 per child. This is a 1hr visit with both caregivers where we explore any issues that may be of concern to you regarding your child. Depending on the conversation, the child will be eligible for either the membership plan as outlined below or a chronic care plan. Chronic care plans are individually created depending on each child’s needs. There is no set price since some families are working with other specialists in parallel, some have labs recently completed, and others need to start from scratch. We work with each family’s needs to come up with a personalized plan.

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“My husband and I saw Dr Temple because our 6 year old daughter was presenting both verbal and motor tics.  As very worried anxious parents we were loosing more and more sleep. It was causing tension for our family. Dr Temple provided us with understanding, comfort and knowledge so we can support our daughter’s over-active nervous system. She explained how we could identify the triggers from the inside and empower us with a holistic approach. This made a lot of sense and we have noticed huge benefits – improved sleep, tics resolved for months at a time, significant reduciton in our anxiety. We are so grateful.

— Nikki W, Wellington, New Zealand

 join our culture of wellness.

Integrative Health Carolinas

2132 Lombardy Circle

Charlotte, NC 28203


In Great Health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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