Motivate Kids to Workout by Exercising with Them

I have workedout my entire life.  From middle school, through high school, college and so on.  My weight, mind set, and health depend on my fitness level.  Moreover, my husband and I are aligned in our views on diet and fitness.  Our children see and understand that workouts are important appointments that mom and dad keep despite long hours at work, kids activities, weather, mood, and ten thousand other issues that can occur throughout the day.  As they have gotten older, our three children have started joining us for athletic conditioning, yoga, tennis, cross fit, runs, etc.   We do not force them or coarse them into doing any of these activities.  However, we invite Allie, Jake, and Evan to join us whenever we head to a workout.  Because they love to be part of our day, they often come along.   Consequently, they have come to appreciate fitness.
Generally, at the YMCA class, one or more Temple children can be seen sweating it out with their parents.  I am not sure that we inspired anyone or that we have been an actual example, but I can say for sure that over the past 2-3 years since our children have come regularly to adult workout classes, other parents have started coming with their children as well.

When schedules get tight and there is no way to make it to a class, you can see us in our living room sweating it out with Shawn T from insanity, T25, and Asylum.

After one of these video workouts, one day, my team and I decided that more kids should work out with their parents.  Our internet search revealed a lack of good family videos.  So we made our own.  It’s the first in a series, so sit back and laugh your butt off at our first attempt to get families to work out together.

In Good Health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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