Homemade Pizza

One of John and my favorite foods used to be pizza. But once I realized I had a severe gluten intolerance (and John had dairy issues), pizza lost its sizzle for us.

However, gluten free crusts and dairy free cheeses have come a long way over the past few years. Another bonus – kids love to help making pizza. So have them as part of the team, and choose whichever options work for your family.



  • flat bread or naan bread (Banza or Mybread for gluten / dairy free)
  • organic marinara sauce
  • pepperoni
  • mild Italian sausage
  • shredded Italian or mozzarella cheese (Violife and Follow Your Heart for dairy free)


  1. Layer flat bread or naan bread with marinara sauce
  2. Layer cheese
  3. Layer sausage and diced pepperoni
  4. Bake on Heated Pizza Stone or Cookie Sheet at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or to desired crispiness
  5. Add side salad or side fruit salad

Click Here to Download the Homemade Pizza Recipe


Bon Appetite, Ana-Maria Temple, MD



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