Fun Holiday Activities For Your Family

The Holidays are upon us and before you know it children of all ages will be school free for over two weeks. Unfortunately, what should be a cherished time often becomes a time when parents are counting down the minutes until it is over. As children become inundated with sweet treats and screen time their risks for temper tantrums, moodiness, and sickness sky rockets. Unfortunately, we tend to associate the holidays with those two things. So this holiday season why not try to mix it up and create new traditions and leave the sweets and screens at home. Below are some of my personal favorite ways to celebrate the holidays that don’t involve either.


1 – Go to the Christmas Market Uptown

Located at 408 N. Tryon Street this is the perfect event for the whole family. Admission is free and the market boasts over 40 vendors with everything from adult beverages to Christmas ornaments

2- Go see the performing bears at Bank of America Founder’s Hall

This is something my family and I have done ever since my son was born while we visit my husband uptown for lunch. It is great for newborns up to age 6. Watch life size bears come to life as they sing some of your favorite Christmas songs. This is another free event!

3. Go Ice Skating at the White Water Center

New this year, the Whitewater Center has made a 17,000 square foot ice skating rink. The skating environment features 3 distinct programming areas and an on ice Airstream serving hot and cold beverages. This is great for ages 5 and up. Passes to skate are $20

4. Walk through your neighborhood at night to see all the Christmas lights.

Not every day needs to be a big production. With it getting dark early why not bundle up after dinner and get the family together to go see all the lights in your neighborhood. Check out Charlotte Agenda for a list of good neighborhood lights near you.

5. Check out Winterfest at Carrowinds

My family and I are excited to make our first trip to Carrowinds for their Second Annual Christmas fest. Carrowinds has converted the entire park into a winter wonderland featuring live music, activities, and of course their famous rides. Bonus- the map guide even indicates which restaurants are gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian! Great for the whole family. Tickets are $26.00.


6. Danile Stowe Botanical Garden

My family and I have had a lot of fun visiting the gardens during the holidays in the past. The entire garden is covered in lights, mini trains, and a visit from Santa. Great for all ages. Price range from $7.00- $17.00

7. Lights at the White Water Center

Lights is a new half-mile walking trail in the woods that leads viewers through a series of immersive light installations featuring honeycombs, vines, crystals, and more. The works are site-specific to the Whitewater Center and are created by Charlotte artist Meredith Connelly (Art by Meredith Connelly).

Whatever you do for the holidays we hope you enjoy the time with your family and have a happy and healthy New Year!

-In Good Health,

Your IHC Health Coach Kelley

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