A Year in Review

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We had lots of stuff:  as an example, in NZ we managed to live with 8 forks and 8 plates.  In the US we had accumulated 250 forks and 250 plates. This can really clutter the mind and shelves.

We had too much space:  living in a NZ 1800 square foot apartment made our American home seem like an expansive wasteland.  For over a year, the family was around me when I came home and then all of a sudden upon returning to the US, they all disappeared in various unnecessary living spaces.  Spaces I had to clean, organize, and maintain.

We had various teams help us take care of the American Dream:  the yard crew, the organic fertilizing company, the gutter guy (surgeon husband not allowed on the roof), the window guy, the cleaning crew, the Christmas lights team (see gutter section), the audio visual team, pest control, the leaf removal company, to name a few.  I am exhausted just making this list.

Charlotte Walkway
Charlotte Walkway

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Bungy Jumping at Kawarau Bridge
Bungy Jumping at Kawarau Bridge

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Our New Home
Our New Home

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