Bagel Breakfast Breakdown and the connection to Fatigue and Headaches

What is the big deal?  Let’s break it down.

The bagel (both halves) – Has 22gms of carbs, 1gm of fiber, 4gm of sugar, 4gms of protein

The cream cheese – (2Tbsp per serving) – Has 1gm carbs, 0gms fiber, 1gm sugar, 2gm protein

The Juice (8oz) – 37gms of carbs, 0gm of fiber, 33gms sugar, 0gms of protein

What does this mean?

This breakfast has a very high glycemic index.  Glycemic index is a way of measuring how high and how fast our blood sugar rises after we eat carbohydrate (carbs) containing foods.  After we eat foods with lots of cabs, our body breaks them down into sugar, which spikes our blood sugar.   Foods that are high in carbs but low in fiber, protein, and fat, will cause a huge rise in blood sugar.  Proteins and Fats…

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