Top 5 Tips to Create an Emissions-Safe Nursery for Your Baby (Guest Post)

I get lots of questions in my clinic about the dangers of EMFs from concerned parents. At our stage of technology, you would need to become a hermit living deep in the woods to avoid all the radio frequency EMF out there. But there are some ways to reduce exposure in our modern homes, particularly for little ones who may be more sensitive to radiation. This week, our friends at Bebcare who make low emission baby monitors have written a guest blog about EMF in our homes and strategies to reduce our exposure – Enjoy!

Top 5 Tips to Create an Emissions-Safe Nursery for Your Baby

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Parents are deeply concerned about the safety of their babies. Why wouldn’t you? Your baby is your bundle of joy and the most precious. With the abundance of wireless devices these days, EMF radiation is a hot topic amongst parents. In this blog post, we will walk you through what is EMF and 5 tips to create an emissions-safe nursery for your loved ones.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field (source). That sounds complicated! Well, it is kind of, but it’s actually elementary college physics. The electromagnetic field is present throughout the universe and is an essential part of our everyday life. There are many forms of EMFs, some are good EMF, while some are bad EMF, just like cholesterol in your body. Visible light, WiFi signal, microwave, and cellular signals are all different forms of EMFs. Your ability to see things is electromagnetic waves interacting with the retina in your eyes and turning that into an electric pulse in your brain. That said, there are also bad EMF waves. An example would be high power waves coming from high-power electrical cables or even what scientists call “ionizing radiation” from powerful sources (source). To put simply, exposure to these bad EMFs causes significant health problems because the EMF waves ionize your cells and may cause cancer. X-ray is a common example of ionizing radiation, which is why you do not want to be doing X-ray scans often.

Why is EMF important to your baby’s safety?

Parents should exercise the highest level of caution when it comes to baby safety (link). Depending on where you look, there are scientific studies that have linked exposure to EMF with the development of cancer, including W.H.O. classification of EMF as possibly carcinogenic to humans in 2011 (source). Furthermore, there are scientific studies that indicate a correlation between exposure to EMF and learning disabilities such as ADHD (source). Nevertheless, it is a controversial subject with stakeholders making arguments on both sides.

5 Tips to build low EMF emissions home

1.Place WiFi Routers Further Away from Your Baby

The further away from the source of wireless emissions, the lower its EMF power. WiFi router is one of the most common sources of wireless emissions at home or office with health side effects (source). You should consider placing the router away from children or yourself. Power is often measured in Volts per meter (V/m) or milliWatt (mW), meaning you want to purchase a router with a lower power rating.

2.Put Your Phones Away from Your Nightstand

One of the most common mistakes is putting your smartphone on the nightstand next to your bed. This exposes you and your family to several hours of constant exposure to wireless radiation as you sleep. Try placing the phone at least 15 feet away, or even putting it into Airplane mode.

3.Install EMF Shielding at Strategic Places

EMF shielding can be an effective way to create an EMF safe zone within your home. Metal panels have the ability to block out Electromagnetic waves from entering this safe zone.

4.Pick a Home that’s Far Away from Power Plants and Wireless Towers

Cell phone and communication towers emit the highest doses of wireless radiation. The long term effects of constant exposure to such high doses of EMF radiation are not well understood by the scientific community. It is wise to choose a home that is far away from these sources of high energy wireless signals.

5.Use a Low Wireless Emissions Baby Monitor

Your baby monitor acts as the communication bridge between your baby and you. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that the baby monitor operates in a safe, ultra-low emissions manner. Bebcare baby monitors utilize DSR Digital Safe Radio technology (source), which emits less than 10% of wireless radiation compared to other products.

Bebcare’s DSR Digital Safe Radio Low EMF Emissions Technology

Bebcare baby monitors are equipped with our unique DSR Digital Safe Radio low emissions technology. This is a low EMF emissions wireless technology that is designed for baby use from the ground up. The technology works by reducing wireless emissions both during transmission and during idle mode. When your baby is not crying, the baby monitor goes into a Sleep Mode automatically, effectively reducing the emissions level to close to zero.

In good health,

Dr. Ana Maria Temple

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