Dairy! Who should avoid it? What alternatives?

As a general rule I don’t make any food groups obsolete except for fast food.

An issue I have with dairy is that we eat wayyyyyyyyy too much of it. It’s easy, delicious, kids love it, and it’s in everything. Another issue is that a lot of people can’t tolerate dairy.


For instance, here is a list of symptoms those who can’t tolerate it might have:

Lactose intolerance

Abdominal pain⁣


Adult reflux⁣

Baby reflux⁣

Acne teen and adult⁣


Recurrent sinus infections⁣

Recurrent ear infections⁣

Recurrent colds and tons of snot⁣

Seasonal allergies⁣

Joint issues⁣

And more⁣

Below are some of my fav Dairy Alternatives:

BUT BEWARE Plant based milks have a lot of additives.

⁣Keep it simple:⁣

Coconut milk – take a can of milk with a can of water and blend in the vita-mix or any blender. Voila – coconut milk with no additives. ⁣


I also use water and oats or cashews as the base for my smoothies. 3 cups of water to 1 cup oats or cashews. Saves a buck!⁣


I used to make almond milk. It’s a pain for me⁣, but you are welcome to try.

Plant based milks are not high in calcium. Your best sources are soy milk and almond milk. We do not need to drink our calcium. Plenty of foods have calcium. You can also take a vitamin D3/K2 supplement to increase your body’s calcium absorption.

Beware of the other DF alternatives. Most of them have too many ingredients and some are just a chemical experiment. ⁣

Lastly, whichever milk you choose, alternate your milks. The body does not want the same food over and over again every single day. The Key to our Health is Variety. ⁣

Stay well, Dr. Ana-Maria

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