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I have received tons of inquires from you on where to get the best supplements, well priced organic food, essential oils, skin care that makes me glow, the make up that makes my eyes pop in my videos (we all need a little “magic”).  Therefore, I created a Virtual Wellness Mall to provide you and your family with the necessary tools to keep everyone healthy and thriving in 2018.  You can shop from home and get delivery to your door.  Simply Fabulous!

The Mall Directory

Clickable links are below the Directory, in each Store!

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My Online Supplement Shop is Open. Here you can get medical grade, doctor recommended (that’s me) and approved supplements for very competitive prices.   (Better then Whole Foods or EartFare).   There are supplements for all ages 0-99 yrs old and include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotics, Omegas, Magnesium, Turmeric, Collagen, Elderberry Syrup, to name a few.

The Bonus:  The supplements I offer are covered by your HSA.  But you need a doctor’s prescription for this to happen (It’s in the tax code, I reviewed this at length).  In my online shop, prescriptions are available for your supplements.  This is for HSA purposes only!  Click on the link and check it out.



My Partnership with Beautycounter has helped me bring healthy skin care to the family, friends, and to my patients.  This is a skin care and make-up company which rigorously evaluates all cosmetic ingredients, to create beautiful effective cosmetics, free of toxins.  The thing that got me hooked, aside from their ingredient list and political mission to regulate and clean up the cosmetics market, is their Sunscreen.  For years I have tried numerous natural sunscreens, and they all left me and my children white and somewhat smelly.  Not anymore.  The Beautycounter Sunstick is a game changer.  Then, I researched this company at nauseam and fell in love with their list of ingredients and found great products that work:  lipsticks free of lead, free of toxins make-up which actually stays on my face, and face creams that are actually moisturizing.  So now I cleaned up most of my make-up and skin care routine.  I can help you do the same.


Juice Plus

My Partnership with Juice Plus has helped me bring good nutrition to my
family and patients for the past 10 years.  These are fruits and vegetables,
NSF Certified, vine ripened, minimally freeze dried and put in capsules and in
gummies.  Our bodies are created to absorb vitamins and minerals from
nature, aka – fruits and vegetables.  According to Harvard Medical School we
need 8-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to reduce the risk of chronic
disease.   Juice Plus helps makes this goal more achievable.
Juice Plus has been clinically studied and has shown benefits when
compared to placebo for the common cold, respiratory function, insulin
resistance, skin tightness, reduced risk of gum disease, maintaining a healthy
level of cholesterol and blood pressure, and so on.

The Bonus:  Juice Plus may be covered by your HSA.  But you need a doctor’s
prescription for this to happen.  For my clients, this is available.

Click on this link and check it out.

Juice Plus
Juice Plus


My Partnership with Doterra has taught me a whole new way of approaching acute and chronic conditions.  Over the past century with the advent of modern medicine, which has given us lifesaving medications and devices, we have overlooked the medicinal potency found in nature.  Through essential oils, I have discovered the power of plants and how it can positively affect our health.  I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.  Click on the link below to discover how essential oils may benefit you:


Thrive market

My Partnership with Thrive Market will bring you Whole Foods Items at Costco Prices to your door.  Thrive Market even beats the prices at your local grocery store.  Shop for – organic dried goods, non-organic dried goods, non-toxic cleaners, non toxic baby care and personal care.  Stop the madness!!

Here are some deals:

  • Tolerant Pasta – $4.99 (Thrive) / $7.99  (Earth Fare)
  • Organic Garlic Powder – $4.99 (Thrive) / $6.99 (Harris Teeter)
  • Bob’s Red Mill Oats – $3.95 (Thrive) / $4.99 (Harris Teeter)
  • Organicville Dijon Mustard – $3.29 (Thrive) / $4.29 (Whole Foods)
  • Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gel Packs – $4.80 (Thrive) / 11.98 (Harris Teeter)

Just click the coupon and get  20% off your first 3 orders.

thrive market.jpg

Of Note

The companies I affiliate with, not only have great products which I use, but they have a mission for the greater good.

  • Juice Plus uses proceeds to continuously study the effects of their products on health via worldwide medical centers and publications.  They pride themselves on children’s health and helping our children grow up without chronic disease.
  • Beautycounter uses proceeds to lobby congress and to change how the FDA approves cosmetics and skin care in the US.  Did you know that the last policy on such matter was done in 1938?  We have almost no regulation on these kinds of products.  Scary.
  • Doterra uses products farmed in countries needing economic incentives.  They teach sustainable farming to people worldwide.  They have built a massive research team to study the effects of essential oils on human health.
  • Thrive Market donates memberships to those with financial needs so nutritious food can be had by all.

In Good Health,  Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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