8 Reasons to Make Sleep a Priority Tonight


Before we get to the reasons behind making sleep a priority, here is a One Minute Pediatrics Video to illustrate why Your Sleep Debt should be settled faster then your financial one.  If you are an adult you need approximately 8hrs of sleep a night, so adjust the numbers in the video to fit your needs.

The 8 Reasons – broken down, illustrated, simply put

As we fall asleep every night, our muscles relax and gravity becomes a non issue.  Blood flows easier to the brain, organs, muscles, and skin.   Many functions begin to take place as our body rests.Blood flowing through our body brings needed oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to various parts that are essential to a long and healthy life.  Toxins are cleared and unhelpful process are stopped.  Below are 8 reasons why you need to make Tonight’s Sleep a Priority:

1 – During Sleep the Brain Cleans Itself

  • Removal of plaques such as beta-amyloid is important in the prevention of Alzheimer’s.  Other toxins must be removed to decrease symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression

1 min Video Clip from Jeff Iliff Ted Talk on Sleep

2 – Neurons Make New and Stronger Connections

  • Improved Memory comes from new and stronger connections that are made mainly during the sleep cycle.  (this is why pulling all nighters for an exam helps only that day, but one week later you can’t recall much)


3 – Liver Breaks Down Sugar

  • The liver uses the sugar/carbs in your body instead of storing it around your waist and hips

4 – Adrenaline Glands Decrease Production of Stress Hormones.

  • Low levels of stress hormone:
    • decrease the number of inflammatory cells => LESS acne, LESS eczema, LESS psoriasis, LESS asthma andallergy flares, LESS pain, LESS fatigue, LESS collagen breakdown (firmer, less wrinkly skin)


  • When stress hormones are low, there is an increase in the number of circulating antibody cells, specifically T-Cells => LESS infections/colds.  This is one of the links between sleep and cancer!


5 – Growth Hormones Are Produced At Night:

  • help kids get taller,
  • rebuild and heal muscles,
  • heal cuts and wounds,
  • break down fat cells
  • enhances the use of fat by the body,
  • stimulates the liver to use up the sugar in the body – essential for weight loss/maintenance
  • block insulin activity and production, thus sugar isn’t sent and stored around your waist/hips(type2 diabetes is caused from too much insulin being produced)

6 – Prolacting Is Produced

  • stimulates breast milk production in nursing mom’s

7 – Leptinis increased

  • hunger stopping hormone = feeling fuller sooner, less cravings

8 – Gherlin is decreased

  • hunger hormone decreased = less cravings


 Sweet Dreams, Ana-Maria Temple MD

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