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The cost of most medications has become a real challenge in this era of High Deductible Insurance.  With lots of insurance changes this year, lots of people are struggling with medication bills, even more then before. This is not going to change any time soon.  Furthermore, I am a customers who also looks in horror at maintenance drug prices.  Thankfully, I am only prescribed thyroid medication. However, let me paint a picture of what has become the norm and see if it sounds familiar.
I have been on Synthroid (name brand for a few years) and on insurance it was $25 a month.  25 X 12 = $300/yr. Respectable, not great.

My insurance changed this year to High Deductible and my medication is now 3,500/year according to my insurance.  Horrifying.

For cost savings, I changed to generic despite my trepidation and concerns from my doctor. My mail away price was $16 per month, or 16 X 12 = $192. Hmmmm, not great.  I wasn’t satisfied, thus with the help of one of my partners, I researched apps for this kid of thing.  Of course there is an app for this issue!!

Check it out:  



One RX – you enter your insurance coverage (the following are based on my insurance, your prices on One Rx will differ depending on your insurance coverage)

  • Name Brand Synthroid $33/month
  • Generic Synthroid $17/month

Good Rx – (cash pay price shopping):

  • Name Brand Synthroid at $36 per month, cash pay, with coupon.
  • Generic Synthroid at $4 per month, or $48 per year at Walmart. 💛

Let’s do acne creams which cause many people to have heart attacks at the pharmacy checkout counter.


Differin is a form of Retin A

  • One Rx – $578 until deductible is met 🤔
  • Good Rx –  $80 cash pay with one Rx coupon at Walgreens. 🙃

Benzaclin – a teen anti-acne favorite 

  • One Rx -$436 😳
  • Good Rx – $275 😤

Clindamycin Lotion – anti-acne

  • One Rx
    • Insurance Price – $93
    • One Rx Price – $63😫
  • Good Rx – $22 🤗

ADHD meds

Focalin XR 20mg

  • One RX
    • Name Brand – $312/month
    • Generic – $124/month
  • Good Rx
    • Name Brand – $328/month
    • Generic – $112/month

In the previous years, most of us have taken our health care costs for granted, and this in part has led to the current crisis we face in the medical field.  With the changing times, we must shop for medication prices and have to be mindful of healthcare dollars.  Though stressful, being a save medication shopper is not all bad.  This has forced many to ask questions and re-evaluate the necessity of meds, tests, and specialist referrals.

Do not be mad at your doctor, she has no idea what your insurance covers, nor does she know what your pharmacy charges. Not all pharmacies are created equal.  There are many ways to save money on necessary remedies:

  1. Get names of medications or paper prescriptions and do your homework before you go to the pharmacy.
  2. Ask about generics
  3. Investigate mail away pharmacies and ask if they take coupons.  Many do.
  4. Consider over the counter medications.  For instance Benzaclin  (benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin combination as mentioned above) can be changed to Clindamycin lotion and Benzoyl Peroxide OTC wash for a fraction of the cost and still effective.
  5. Look online for name brand medication coupons.  Example: or
  6. Beware of online pharmacies, not all are VIPPS Certified
  7. Prescriptions can be transferred or resent to the pharmacy that is most cost effective for you.


In Good Health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD


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