Holistic Approaches to Swimmer’s Ear

Sweet summertime is here and kids want all the water time they can get⁣

⁣Before your kids jump in, discuss and decide on some prevention’s they can use for Swimmer’s Ear.

What is Swimmer’s Ear?

⁣It is an infection in the outer ear canal, which runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head ⁣

⁣It happens when water gets trapped in your ear after swimming or in water – your ear creates a moist environment that aids bacterial growth ⁣

⁣It can also happen by putting your fingers, cotton swabs, or other objects into your ear⁣


Here are some Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear:⁣

⁣+ itching ⁣

+ redness ⁣

+ swelling ⁣

+ drainage of fluid ⁣

+ ear pain ⁣

+ muffled hearing ⁣

⁣Prevention’s for Swimmer’s Ear: ⁣

⁣* Keep your ears dry and clean (can blow dry on a cool setting)⁣

* Wear earplugs while swimming ⁣

* Take good care of your skin ⁣

* Use homemade ear drops before and after swimming ( vinegar + rubbing alcohol- for just before swimming) or (garlic + extra virgin olive oil) ⁣

* Swim wisely (think about the length of time)

* Don’t put objects into your ear ⁣

* Don’t scratch your ears

* Protect your ears from irritants ⁣

* No swimming in contaminated water ⁣

⁣Treatments for Swimmer’s Ear:⁣

* Apply heat to your ear ⁣(to ease the pain)

* Use homemade Garlic + Oil ear drops (never put rubbing alcohol in an ear that is already hurting)

* Keep your ears as dry and clean ⁣as you can

Please contact your doctor if you’re experiencing any symptoms of swimmer’s ear, especially if they are persistent ⁣

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In Good Health, Dr. Ana-Maria

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