My Skincare Tips and Regimen

Let’s talk skin-HERE ARE MY TOP 7 TIPS⁣

1diet is at the core of great skin. I do not eat added sugar except for honey in my smoothie and an occasional piece of chocolate. Fruits and veggies are at every meal. Minimal processed food such as chips, tortilla chips, hippeas, or pretzels. ⁣ @truvani collagen powder in my coffee daily⁣.

2 workouts 4-5x a week. 30 min sessions. Blood flow and oxygen are imperative to glowing skin.

3sleep is a priority. Sleep deprived people look older (1)⁣

4 get a handle on the stress. I work very hard to keep a handle on my stress. Increased stress, uncontrolled anxiety, depression, social isolation lead to premature aging of the body and skin (2)⁣

5prioritizing the marriage. We have been married for 22 yrs and have been through 3 marriage counselors. Marriage is hard. Raising families is hard. It’s ok. There are trained people who can help. No shame in this ever!!! I cannot tell you how many families I have treated and who were going through bitter divorces. The resentment and anger is clearly visible in the skin.⁣

6my alcohol intake is limited to going out. I used to drink 1-3x a week in the past + going out. Alcohol of any kind increases aging of the skin. (> 8 drinks per week, uuhhhum – daily glass of wine). So does smoking (3)⁣

7no tanning beds ALSO protect your skin from sun exposure. A great tan accelerates aging. I wear sunscreen every day on my face. No exceptions ⁣

The above list of lifestyle approaches for your skin are just as important as what you actually put on your skin.

There is no amount of Botox, Retin-A, Rosehip Oil, or Cream that will undo a struggling lifestyle.

I have used Retin-A for over 16yrs. I am currently taking a break.

Here is my current skincare regimen:


👉@mialindstrom pendulum potion to remove makeup ⁣

👉@beautycounter ⁣overnight resurfacing peel

👉cetaphil cream ⁣


👉rinse with water⁣

👉@agentnateur Hyaluronic Water + Vitamin C + Holi Oil⁣

👉@agentnateur Eye serum⁣

👉@beautycounter Dew Skin 2 (sunscreen with a tint)⁣

👉@citylips Plumping Lip Gloss

⁣PM & AM

👉Selenite Beauty De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller


👉Botox 2x a year @drvictorferrari

👉PRP Facials @izar_wellness_medical_spa

Stay well, Dr. Ana-Maria

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