Juice Plus, My Family’s Nine Year Experience


Nine years ago I got tired of my children’s and husband’s never ending illnesses.

  • Allie:
    • had asthma and allergies
    • took daily medications, inhaled steroids,
    • needed oral steroids several times a year for exacerbations,
    • was on antibiotics every few months for sinus infections and ear infections.
    • had eczema that needed steroid creams and antibiotics to keep it under control.
    • her skin was patchy and discoloured
    • Jake:
      • was born with green snot and was plagued by disgusting nasal issues for years.
      • needed antibiotics several times a year to contain the booger fountain.
      • had been a complete menace in school despite great academic success. I was tortured by teacher emails, texts, and phone calls regarding his inability to sit still, keep hands to himself, or get it together.
      • Evan:
        • was plagued by allergies requiring 5 medications without relief – Zyrtec, Singular, Flonase (nose spray), Patanase (nose spray), Pataday (eye drops).
        • the spring would bring him to his knees with itching, snot, and burning eyes.
        • days of whole body hives would signal the Oak blooming.
        • John, the husband:
          • he had Man Colds all the time.
          • his blood pressure was up, he was tired and stressed,
          • the biggest doubter about this whole thing. My biggest challenge.

Aside from all that, they had sore throats all the time, colds that went on forever, night time coughs that drove me insane, random vomiting viruses that would appear out of nowhere.  I was done!!!!

In 2008, while all three kids were on antibiotics AGAIN, I made a decision for change:

  1. I cleaned out the pantry of colored food and garbage foods such as – Mac&Cheese in a box, Pre-made PB crackers, Cheetos, Doritos, Lucky Charms, Lunchables, Smuckers PBJ frozen sandwiches, as a start. The journey to eating whole foods began.
  2. I looked into Juice Plus. I had read about these fruit and vegetable extracts but wasn’t sold on this idea. It seemed more like a pyramid scheme then an actual health product. So why did I give it a try?
    1. These fruits and veggie extracts come from produce raised without pesticides, herbicides, vine ripened, are cool pasteurised within 6hrs of harvest. No color or chemicals added. Just Fruits and Veggies in a capsule or gummy.
    2. 32 published medical articles in real journals:
      • on Inflammation, Immune system, cold symptoms, Lung Health, Skin Health, and more.
      • Articles are double blind placebo controlled perspective reviews – this means that the product was compared against a sugar pill, scientist did not know who took what, and they measured the effects as the subjects took the pill/placebo. The company sponsors its own studies, as do pharmaceutical companies.

Nine Years Later


  1. Allie:
    • no steroids in 7 years,
    • no antibiotics in 6 years.
    • Albuterol is used one or twice a year.
    • ear infections have resolved without antibiotics.
    • no more sinus infections.
    • her eczema is well controlled with Cetaphil (a 5 on the ThinkDirtyApp)
  2. Jake the snot man:
    • a clear nose of years.
    • no antibiotics in 7 years.
    • no allergy meds in 3 years.
    • he has navigated Middle School with ownership, a lot more organization, and has become a lovely teenager who works hard on ownership and responsibility. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but he has come such a long way with ADHD counceling, but without medication.
  3. Evan.
    • With each year on JP we dropped one of his allergy meds. Currently, he takes an Allegra pill once a week during allergy season when his symptoms flare up.
  4. John, though he was still stressed from his Physician Burnout,
    • has BP and cholesterol numbers of a 20 year old,
    • no more man colds,
    • no more fatigue.
    • He is now the biggest proponent.
  5. Dr. Sears is also a huge fan

How does this work exactly – 

  1. Harvard School of Public Health Studies and Recommendations on Serving of Fruits and Veggies – 5-8 servings a day
  2. The recommended Daily intake of Fruits and Veggies is 5-9 servings a day, every day!
  3. What is a servings of Fruits and Veggies? Please note that the juice mentioned here counts only if it’s home made or Raw and Cool Pasteurised. 100% store bought juice is Sugar and it has no place on the chart pictured here.

I proudly partnered with Juice Plus this year CLICK HERE for more info and I am happy to help anyone who would like to begin their journey to better health, to improved their immune system, and increased their energy levels.  Feel free to share your story, comments, or concerns in the comment section of this blog,

DISCLAIMER: This story is applicable to my children and my family only. Not everyone may get the same results. Juice Plus+ can provide great nutritional support in all kinds of health situations. While adding good nutrition can result in a variety of healthful changes, those changes vary from person to person. Juice plus is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease.



Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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