Omicron, Boosters, and Confusion – Our Latest Health Crisis

Once again just as the world seems to be getting the upper hand the Covid-19 pandemic, the greek alphabet gifts us with Omicron, the latest mutation in the Coronavirus that initially began this whole fiasco. For the last few months, Delta was the lead headliner of the Covid brigade until Omicron hit – forcing most of us to brush up on our greek alphabet. Of note, the World Health Organization, skipped Nu and Xi which should have been the next in the list of variants because Nu sounds like “new” and “Xi” is a common surname in China. So Omicron it is.


Getting Under Your Skin – Eczema and the Skin Microbiome

Medicine can be terribly humbling at times, particularly when treating children’s eczema. But I have found that often my most humbling patient experiences are also where I learn the most about managing this frustrating disease. I want to tell you Tyler’s story as it provides a wonderful picture of how both the skin and gut play a role in eczema.


The Problem with Dairy and Eczema

Our family traditionally drank an absurd amount of milk. We typically would drink a gallon and half of milk per day, and sometimes more. When the kids came in from playing outside, we would quench their thirst with a big glass of cold milk rather than water. Each night my husband would eat several bowls of cereal before bed. We were drinking skim milk because the food industry had tricked us into thinking all fat was bad. Then we shifted to organic whole milk as the first step toward cleaning up our diets. But our inflammatory conditions remained despite the cleaner dairy products. It wasn’t until we were forced to remove dairy as part of my daughter’s eczema treatment program that we noticed the biggest changes. Her skin rapidly improved, my belly felt better, and my husband noticed his joint pain was better! Now I am not sure we can chalk all that up to dairy removal, but I definitely think there was a link.


Is Eczema Genetic?

About a year ago, Jake and Amy, a new young beautiful couple, walked into my clinic with their newborn baby, Henry, in tow. As I pulled back the blanket of Henry’s car carrier, I immediately saw why they were there – their precious baby boy was covered in eczema. I gently pulled the little guy out of the carrier and peeled off his onesie. Most of Henry’s cheeks, belly and back were filled with red patchy lesions of eczema, and he was not happy about me touching them.


The Leaky Gut and Eczema Connection -Is Western Medicine Finally Catching Up?

In 2016 my family moved to New Zealand as my husband was attempting to “find himself” in the midst of an unsatisfying surgical career. Unfortunately, my New Zealand medical license was delayed and I found myself alone at home most days, in a foreign country, with no friends and nothing to do – utterly lost. To stave off boredom, I dragged my family to jump off bridges with me in Queenstown or paragliding off cliffs.


“Boo” to Artificial Dyes and Colors (Guest Post)

Guest Post – The first time I knew artificial dyes and preservatives could affect children’s behavior and health was in 2010 when 11-year-old Adam, who had ADHD, came to see me. His mother told me that when Adam ate food or candy with blue dye, he would flap his hands repeatedly, and when he ingested caramel coloring, he would sniff his fingers.

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